TEAM CHERRISH Registration

CHERRiSH is an all-natural, 100% premium cherry juice that features the powerful health benefits of Montmorency tart cherries, combined with the sweet flavor of Bing cherries. A complete health juice, CHERRiSH is a potent anti-inflammatory and muscle recovery aid, containing the highest antioxidant ratings on the beverage market.

If you love sports, fitness and wellness then consider joining TEAM CHERRISH. We are looking for athletic ambassadors who want to share their stories of overcoming obstacles while staying active through the help of our natural recovery drinks of CHERRiSH

What you are asking from the athletes:

🍒Send us a request to tag us as a partner and from there we will be able to approve each post @cherrishyourhealth.

🍒Post 1 Instagram story every month tagging @cherrishyourhealth.

🍒Create a 10-20 second video of a work out, drinking CHERRiSH at the end.

Examples of CHERRiSH posts that audiences love:
- active lifestyle shots 🤸
- showing off how you enjoy the outdoors 🌎
- fun creative recipes 🍒