The CHERRISH story

Dan Haggart and his sons, Matt, and Ryan are fitness enthusiasts that maintain a daily conditioning regimen. Once, after a marathon, the Haggart's noticed several elite runners taking a shot of a deep red beverage at the end of the race. So, they approached several elite runners and asked them what they were drinking.

The beverage they were drinking was straight tart cherry juice. The runners said the juice helped with muscle recovery. They also mentioned that the juice was, as advertised, extremely tart.

The Haggart's are food industry veterans. The idea that an all-natural beverage could help muscle recovery was a potential health breakthrough that should not be limited to use by elite runners. They saw it as a product line that could flourish in the current environment of health conscious, active consumers.

Research revealed that Montmorency tart cherries were nutrient dense, containing a rich combination of health benefits. Yes, they were tart. Very tart. Finding no truly potent options on the market, they introduced the Montmorency tart cherry into their daily routine and within days, they felt the impact of tart cherries in reducing inflammation and speeding muscle recovery.

But something had to be done about the extreme tart flavor. After months of exploration and experimentation, they discovered that combining USA grown Montmorency tart cherries from Michigan with a small amount of sweet Bing variety cherries from Washington state, resulted in a delicious, highly potent beverage that is packed with antioxidants and the highest anti-inflammatory properties in the industry.

Since this all-natural blend uses the entire cherry – pulp, skin, and all – and nothing but the cherry, they named it CHERRiSH. They ended up with a functional beverage that not only includes the high concentrations of antioxidants and unmatched anti-inflammatory properties, but also a beverage that helps boost the immune system, supports faster muscle recovery, and improves sleep patterns.


DANIEL HAGGART - President/Founder

Dan has been the managing partner of CHERRiSH for the past six years. Dan created the product, developed the marketing strategy and engaged strategic business relationships with suppliers, co-packers, designers and retail accounts. He developed the Advisory Board and has built strong relationships with the present investors, marketing and higher management. You can find Dan every morning, very early, running the streets of Bellevue or in the gym. Dan has a very active life outside the office as an avid snow skier, hiker, fisherman, and golf enthusiast with a goal to take advantage of all the Northwest has to offer. He and his wife of 52 years, Kathy, also love to travel the globe and spend time with kids and grandkids in Mexico.

JIM CORBETT - Director of Business Development

Jim has had a proven background in developing new accounts in industries from legal software, asset management and computer software. Jim is presently heading up our Athletic Channel and Athletic Clubs as well as developing new accounts in the Retail Channel. Jim has no shortage of hobbies and outside interests. He loves to play just about any musical instrument with strings (guitar, fiddle, and uke). He has written many songs, two golf books, and a full-length play. Spending time with his young grandson now occupies much of his time and nothing could be more fulfilling for him than that.


Kathy spent 36 years working for non-profits serving children. For 11 years, she was the Marketing and Development Manager for Big Brothers. In 1994, she took over the same role at Boys & Girls Clubs of Bellevue and, in 1997, was named President/CEO of the organization. When she began her career there, the organization had one location and in 2019, they had 15 sites including Clubhouses in Public Housing, public schools and a fieldhouse in a City-owned park. She is proud to devote her marketing skills to areas she is passionate about, including CHERRiSH.


Rowley and Hawkins Fruit Farms



PHD Nutrition; M.D. Internal Medicine; Advisor to Major League Baseball on Nutrition; Associate Professor of Medicine Oregon Health and Science; University Associate Director for Human Performance Lab.


MPH, RD, CSSR, LDN; Director of Sports Nutrition University of Pittsburgh Medical Center for Sports Medicine; Nutrition Consultant to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Pittsburgh Pirates, Toronto Blue Jays, Washington Nationals, as well as the US Olympic Teams; BS in Biopsychology Vassar College.


Naturopathic physician graduating from Bastyr University in Seattle. Licensed in general practice and surgical settings.