Paleo Diet Friendly


The high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory concentration in tart cherries can improve immune function! Studies found that tart cherries are full of anthocyanins, and the antimicrobial properties of the anthocyanins can help prevent upper respiratory infections. Tart cherries can not only kick-start your immune system, but some research has also shown that they may lower blood pressure, improve vision, prevent diabetes and can have anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-cancer benefits.

Paleo DietA pleasant benefit to bringing the Montmorency tart and sweet Bing cherries together is that they “feed off of each other”, exponentially raising the ORAC score (measures antioxidants) of the CHERRiSH proprietary blend to the highest antioxidant rating of all beverages. The combination of the two means the ORAC score is even higher than the sum of both.

CHERRiSH has high levels of Vitamin A. In addition to supporting your immune system overall, it also supports bone health, healthy vision, and may reduce your risk of acne as well as certain cancers.

The Vitamin B6 found in CHERRiSH is known for regulating mood and reducing symptoms of depression and also promoting brain health. It has serious benefits for your heart as well — including preventing and treating anemia by aiding in hemoglobin production and it may prevent clogged arteries, reducing the risk for heart disease.


More than 50 studies have documented the comprehensive health benefits of the Montmorency cherry, shown to contain the highest anti-inflammatory content of any food. Benefits include quicker muscle recovery time, less stiffness, soreness and pain in the body, as well as reduced levels of chronic inflammation.


All CHERRiSH products are low-glycemic, non-GMO, made from 100% whole USA-grown premium cherries, using both skin and pulp. They contain no added sugars, filler juices, or artificial ingredients.


CHERRiSH is offered as a 12-oz ready-to-drink juice beverage as well as in a 3-oz concentrate pouch, and is unique due to the proprietary combination of Montmorency tart and sweet Bing cherries. Besides delivering a balanced tart and sweet flavor profile, the blend also creates a synergy that enhances both cherries' antioxidant capacity, as phytochemicals from each varietal work to strengthen and potentiate each other, resulting in a maximized antioxidant score - that of the highest of any beverage on the market.