Joint Pain Reduction


The Vitamin B6 found in CHERRiSH is known for regulating mood and reducing symptoms of depression and also promoting brain health. It has serious benefits for your heart as well — including preventing and treating anemia by aiding in hemoglobin production and it may prevent clogged arteries, reducing the risk for heart disease. The newest study in the June 19 Journal of Functional Foods suggest cherries can be a benefit in combating Metabolic Syndrome, affecting 35% of the population and causing significant increase in the risk for cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes. 

Some juices may cause a sugar spike and energy crash but CHERRiSH is a low-glycemic beverage, so energy and insulin levels stay stable. One unfortunate perception when it comes to juice, deals mainly with sugar content. Many avoid “non-green” options based on sugar-levels perceived as too high to have any sort of real health benefit. Quite the opposite, the juice of the Montmorency and the Bing cherries will not illicit the “spike and crash” of other traditional juice beverages. With cherries having the lowest glycemic levels of all fruits, they can actually help the body lower and maintain healthy blood glucose and insulin levels. This helps sustain steady energy throughout daily activities, both in and out of the gym.

Health studies have also shown how Montmorency tart cherries can help manage osteoarthritis – which is the most common joint disorder in the US, without the possible side effects often associated with arthritis or pain medication. There is also evidence and many anecdotes that show tart cherries can lower the risk of gout attacks by reducing uric acid levels.


All CHERRiSH products are low-glycemic, non-GMO, made from 100% whole USA-grown premium cherries, using both skin and pulp. They contain no added sugars, filler juices, or artificial ingredients.


Each serving of CHERRiSH is filled with the pulp and skin of tart Montmorency cherries—offering the most concentrated flavonoid compounds of any fruit or vegetable, which provide potent anti-inflammatory and vaso properties to reduce symptoms of exercise induced muscle damage and speed muscle recovery. CHERRiSH also boasts high levels of COX1 and COX2 compounds, which help inhibit muscle and joint pain.