Athletes: CJ McCollum


CJ (Christian James) McCollum, 28, is a starting shooting guard for the Portland Trail Blazers. A graduate of Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, majoring in journalism, he was named Patriot League Player of the Year both Freshman and Junior years and holds the record as the all-time scorer in the Patriot League. A seven-year veteran of the NBA and named Most Improved Player by the league in his third year, McCollum also hosts his own popular sports podcast “Pull Up with CJ McCollum”, named one of the 15 best sports podcasts of the year by Esquire Magazine. He is also involved with his community, and through his partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland, has opened up the CJ McCollum Dream Center to provide a safe and inspiring space for underserved youth to learn, explore, create and grow. CJ claims that “CHERRiSH is a key part of my training routine. I utilize it to refuel and replenish after intense workouts”.

CJ McCollum Cherrish Athlete


More than 50 studies have documented the comprehensive health benefits of the Montmorency cherry, shown to contain the highest anti-inflammatory content of any food. Benefits include quicker muscle recovery time, less stiffness, soreness and pain in the body, as well as reduced levels of chronic inflammation.


All CHERRiSH products are low-glycemic, non-GMO, made from 100% whole USA-grown premium cherries, using both skin and pulp. They contain no added sugars, filler juices, or artificial ingredients.


CHERRiSH is offered as a 12-oz ready-to-drink juice beverage as well as in a 3-oz concentrate pouch, and is unique due to the proprietary combination of Montmorency tart and sweet Bing cherries. Besides delivering a balanced tart and sweet flavor profile, the blend also creates a synergy that enhances both cherries' antioxidant capacity, as phytochemicals from each varietal work to strengthen and potentiate each other, resulting in a maximized antioxidant score - that of the highest of any beverage on the market.